Klo posted this on Facebook.

I have converted this to be a cutting file

wpc file Flipper

svg file Flipper

pvg file Flipper

Pink lines are to be embossed.

Blue and Orange lines are to be cut

Then fold all the embossed lines.

So it is like this.


Add tape down the centre line so it is like this


fold the sides in and stick the tabs to the tape so you have this.


Now you can fold it like in the video.




I have just added a new Tutorial on Converting an image with a solid white background to an image without a background and how to prepare it for Print & Cut. Tutorials

Pazzles on Facebook

I have been going to write this for a while, but just got around to it.

If you use a Pazzles Inspiration or Inspiration Vue then you should really get on to Facebook as it is the best place to get help, support, ideas, contacts.

There are three main Pazzles Facebook Pages to get connected with:

  • Pazzles – This is the Facebook Page run by Pazzles the company and carries all sorts of messages about the latest news etc. This is also the best place to get help direct from Pazzles using the ‘Tech Support Live Chat’ – howevr remember that there are time differences but this is the fastest place to get support from Pazzles.
  • Pazzles Fans – This group is for owners of the Pazzle Inspiration Electronic Cutter. For those who are learning and those who are experienced to share ideas, answer questions and hopefully inspire. The latest item to be set up by users of the group is a Map showing where Inspiration Vue users are located – Map
  • Pazzles People – This group is for people who have a Pazzles to share idea’s, tips, hints, projects and more.

Facebook advice – here is a site with some good advice on using Facebook Click here

UK Pazzles Workshops Winter 2014 – 2015

It is a while since I ran a Pazzles Workshop and I am trying to find out if there is any interest.

Workshops will be run local to me to keep the cost of the workshop down – as travelling, hotel fees, eating away from home, hiring a venue, all add to the cost I would have to charge.

The cost would be £30 per person per day and can be one day, two day or more if there is demand.

The Venue would be Tholthorpe, North Yorkshire – halfway between Thirsk and York. There are hotels in the area.

Workshops can be any date/day – providing we have enough interest

The Workshops will be on themes requested by you the attendees or on basic themes if there are no requests such as:

  • Using the Pen Tool for a range of effects – types of pen you can use – unusual effects you can get
  • Embossing Tool and its uses
  • Using the Pastry Kit – cutting cookies, icing, polymer clay, etc.
  • Cutting different material – paper, card, stencil making, fabrics, etc.
  • Combining the different tools and techniques to create projects
  • Creating your own designs – got an idea? want help with it?
  • A course of workshops with things for you to try/work on between dates.
  • Using the different machines Original Inspiration and Inspiration Vue
  • Using the different software – Inspiration, Inspiration Pro 2010, Inspiration Pro 2014, InVue

If you are interested please contact me click here

and let me know:

  • what dates/days you would be interested in?
  • any workshop themes you would be interested in?

Toolbox Update

Well Pazzles keep bringing out new tools and gadgets the latest being the Pen Tool Spacer.

I have now modified my Toolbox design to accommodate this very useful gadget, the box is exactly the same it is just the inner that I have modified to take the extra gadget. So all you have to do is download the file and cut it and replace your old inner with the new one.


You can find it here