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Pazzles on Facebook

29th October 2014 | Closed

I have been going to write this for a while, but just got around to it. If you use a Pazzles Inspiration or Inspiration Vue then you should really get on to Facebook as it is the best place to get help, support, ideas, contacts. There are three main Pazzles Facebook Pages to get connected […]

UK Pazzles Workshops Winter 2014 – 2015

26th October 2014 | Closed

It is a while since I ran a Pazzles Workshop and I am trying to find out if there is any interest. Workshops will be run local to me to keep the cost of the workshop down – as travelling, hotel fees, eating away from home, hiring a venue, all add to the cost I […]

Inspiration Vue

20th August 2014 | Closed

The fantastic new machine from Pazzles – click on the image for more information For those of you in the UK you can only purchase outright at $399 plus shipping approx $150. If you want to purchase in the UK you can from Sue’s Handcrafted Card Supplies  priced at £399.00 + Delivery

Pazzles Update

2nd April 2014 | Closed

Not sure if anyone else has noticed that there is a new Software Update available as of 31/03/14

Pazzles Workshops

10th December 2013 | Closed

Pazzles Retreat UK – unfortunately I did not get a great deal of response to the survey and therefore there does not seem to be enough interest to make it viable. I will be running some workshops again in North Yorkshire, if you are interested please use this Contact Me to let me know what […]