UK Pazzles Workshops Winter 2014 – 2015

It is a while since I ran a Pazzles Workshop and I am trying to find out if there is any interest.

Workshops will be run local to me to keep the cost of the workshop down – as travelling, hotel fees, eating away from home, hiring a venue, all add to the cost I would have to charge.

The cost would be £30 per person per day and can be one day, two day or more if there is demand.

The Venue would be Tholthorpe, North Yorkshire – halfway between Thirsk and York. There are hotels in the area.

Workshops can be any date/day – providing we have enough interest

The Workshops will be on themes requested by you the attendees or on basic themes if there are no requests such as:

  • Using the Pen Tool for a range of effects – types of pen you can use – unusual effects you can get
  • Embossing Tool and its uses
  • Using the Pastry Kit – cutting cookies, icing, polymer clay, etc.
  • Cutting different material – paper, card, stencil making, fabrics, etc.
  • Combining the different tools and techniques to create projects
  • Creating your own designs – got an idea? want help with it?
  • A course of workshops with things for you to try/work on between dates.
  • Using the different machines Original Inspiration and Inspiration Vue
  • Using the different software – Inspiration, Inspiration Pro 2010, Inspiration Pro 2014, InVue

If you are interested please contact me click here

and let me know:

  • what dates/days you would be interested in?
  • any workshop themes you would be interested in?

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