Pazzles on Facebook

I have been going to write this for a while, but just got around to it.

If you use a Pazzles Inspiration or Inspiration Vue then you should really get on to Facebook as it is the best place to get help, support, ideas, contacts.

There are three main Pazzles Facebook Pages to get connected with:

  • Pazzles – This is the Facebook Page run by Pazzles the company and carries all sorts of messages about the latest news etc. This is also the best place to get help direct from Pazzles using the ‘Tech Support Live Chat’ – howevr remember that there are time differences but this is the fastest place to get support from Pazzles.
  • Pazzles Fans – This group is for owners of the Pazzle Inspiration Electronic Cutter. For those who are learning and those who are experienced to share ideas, answer questions and hopefully inspire. The latest item to be set up by users of the group is a Map showing where Inspiration Vue users are located – Map
  • Pazzles People – This group is for people who have a Pazzles to share idea’s, tips, hints, projects and more.

Facebook advice – here is a site with some good advice on using Facebook Click here

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