Cutting Tips

Set your Blade Depth First

  • Take the blade holder out of your machine.
  • Take a small scrap or corner of the paper you want to use and fold it in half.
  • Put that folded piece of paper on a cutting mat.
  • Then hold the blade holder and with the blade still inserted, try to cut your folded paper with even moderate pressure.
  • Then unfold your paper. Ideally, you want the blade to have cut through one layer of the paper and to have just scratched the second layer. If it cut through both layers or scratched the second layer, lessen your blade length and try again. If it didn’t cut through either layer, increase your blade length.
  • Just do this a few times until you find the perfect blade length.
  • Depending on your material it is possible that there is no setting that cuts through one layer and doesn’t scratch the second layer, in that case just pick the setting that cuts through the first layer and scratches the second layer the least.

Once you figure out your blade length it is so much easier to figure out the right settings because you don’t have to worry about your blade length anymore. You know the blade length is right, so if it still isn’t cutting then it must be the pressure. If it is not cutting through, increase your pressure. If it is pulling on corners, dragging, or tearing, decrease your pressure.

This video shows it very well

Scoring Lines for folds – In your design change the colour of your fold lines and use the embossing tool to score your lines – in the ‘Cut Panel’ select the colour to score/emboss (see my cut chart) click CUT and then without removing the mat change to the blade holder and cut your design – in the ‘Cut Panel’ select the colour to cut click CUT.