Software Tips

Saving your work – When using the software that comes with your Pazzles Inspiration make sure you save your work regularly as you go along (there is no auto save) so that if your software or PC crashes you will not lose everything.

You can set up Auto Save in the new Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro Software its in the settings Menu.

Opening .wpc files

Once you have saved/downloaded a wpc file to a folder on your computer you can open it two ways.

  1. Open your Pazzles Software and use the Open function and navigate to the folder where you saved your wpc file and select it and click Open. OR
  2. Open the folder you saved the wpc file into and right mouse click on the file and select Open With, select Choose Default Programme, select Browse, select Pazzles, select Pazzles Inspiration Studio, select Inspiration, left mouse click on Open, make sure it is selected and click OK and your file should open in your Inspiration Software. This sets Windows to open all files of this type with your Inspiration Software. The next time you can just double click the file and it should now automatically open in your Inspiration Software.
Klo’s Classroom – Klo Oxford holds free online classes for more info The UK times for the live classes are Monday 2am and Tuesday 7pm. These run most weeks but if Klo is away at a show sometimes she is not able to run them and you can find more info on Klo’s Yahoo Group – pazzlesinspiration. All the Classes are recorded so that you can view them at times convenient to you.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that work in the pazzles software and you can find a downloadable chart on Richard’s Blog at