Pazzles Software

There are now a number of options for software for use with Pazzles Machines

Pazzles Inspiration Machine – Pazzles Inspiration, Pazzles Inspiration Pro 2010, Pazzles inspiration Pro 2014, pazzles InVue.

Pazzles Inspiration Vue Machine – Pazzles InVue, Pazzles Inspiration Pro 2014.

The Software

Pazzles Inspiration Software – this is the original pazzles software, this is no longer produced.

Pazzles Inspiration Pro 2010 -this became the software shipped with the Inspiration  and is still used by lots of users it added lots of new features to the Inspiration software and was supplemented by the  Pro 2010 Update which added even more features to the software.

Pazzles Inspiration Pro 2014 – this software was launched in August 2014 has added even more features to the Inspiration software.

Pazzles is proud to introduce our brand new software upgrade, Inspiration Studio Pro 2014! Our new Pro software 2014 has so many features to expand your creative ability, you can let your imagination run wild!  Enjoy new features such as WPC File Preview, New Scissor Style and Scissor Tools,Automatic Backup, SVG File Importer, Project Notes, and much more!

New Features Include

  • WPC File Preview: When selecting a WPC file to open, you will now see a preview image of the file before it is opened. This makes it easy to browse through the WPC files saved on your computer
  • New Scissor Styles and Scissor Tools: As well as adding 2 new decorative scissor styles, 2 new scissor options have also been added. You can now freehand draw with a scissor line and cut a shape with a scissor line There are now 14 different scissor lines to choose from and 3 ways to use them.
  • Change Size by Percentage: You can now adjust the size of an object by using a percentage to increase or decrease.
  • The SVG File Importer: The SVG Import option contains 2 new updates. The first is in relation to kiss cut (score) lines. A file that was created with kiss cut lines will import with those same kiss cut lines in place. You will be able to see them in the preview window as well. The second new feature relates to DPI. You can now change the DPI when importing an SVG. This is important when importing a file created in Illustrator that needs to be a certain size i.e. a cupcake wrapper.
  • New Alignment Options: There are two new options on the Alignment (Justification) toolbar : Align to Top of Page and Align to Bottom of Page.
  • Project Notes: A pop up window allows you to add notes about your project or file. These notes are saved with the files and can be viewed within the file.
  • Calligraphy Pen: A new calligraphy pen has been added to the Freehand Draw window.
  • New Paper Texture Options: Previous versions of the software allowed you to fill your image with selected paper textures. This new feature allows you to easily Add or Remove Textures (color fill patterns) from your textures library.
  • Brush Transparency: This version offers a new brush transparency option. Similar to other design software, it allows you to control the transparency/opacity of a fill color. This is especially useful when layering objects for Print and Cut projects.
  • More Rhinestone Features: In the rhinestones window, there are 8 additional new features including the ability to add single rhinestones to a design.
  • New Draw Menu Shape: A spiral has been added to the options for shape drawing.

Compatible with Windows Vista or higher

For the Pazzles Inspiration and Pazzles Inspiration Vue™

Only $59.95 as a download – that is around £36.00


Pazzles InVue – this software has been designed and produced in house by Pazzles.

Pazzles® is proud to introduce Pazzles® InV?e™ software, Mac or Windows compatible for the Creative Cutter® Inspiration® and Inspiration® V?e™. InV?e™ software will be included with each Inspiration® V?e™ and will integrate active Pazzles® Craft Room account in the software as well as include innovative Print and Cut feature for the Inspiration® V?e™.

Features of the software include:

  • SVG and WPC Compatible, Import /Export
  • Compatible with all of Pazzles® CD’s
  • Use True Type Fonts
  • Kiss Cutting
  • Piercing
  • Rhinestones
  • Colors with Transparency
  • Custom Color Palettes
  • Cut By Line Color
  • Cut By Line Type
  • Cutting Panel
  • Multi Pass Cut
  • Print and Cut
  • Draw Arrows, Stars, Polygons, Ellipses, Circle & Rectangle
  • Draw Line Segments
  • Manual Trace
  • Alignments
  • Change Size by %
  • Erase
  • Erase By Line Color
  • Erase and Close Line
  • Group / Ungroup
  • Keep Proportion When Sizing
  • Line Color Selection
  • Mirror
  • Resize & Manipulate
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Cropping
  • Pazzles® Craft Room Integration
  • Auto Save
  • Automatic Updates
  • Visual Text Spacing
  • Vertical Visual Text Spacing
  • Write Text Vertical
  • Duplication
  • Outline
  • Smooth Path
  • Welding
  • Projects & Sketches
  • Show Grid
  • Show Cutting Mat
  • Wire Frame
  • Supported Graphic Files include GIF, JPG, PNG
  • & More

System Requirements

1+ Ghz CPU, 1GB of RAM, 1000MB free disk space, USB Port, and a CD-ROM Drive. Supports
Windows (7, 8, 8.1 or newer) or OSX (10.9+) operating systems.
Only $29.95 as a download – that is around £18.00