Pazzles Cutting Guide

Following discussions with various people it has become obvious that the cutting guides published on various US based websites do not necessarily work in the UK. To this end I have put together a list of paper/card weights tested in the UK (updated March 2012). Available as a download – Pazzles Cutting Guide MAR 2012  these may still vary dependant on the following elements – the state of your blade, the humidity levels and even you power supply.

How do you decide what cut settings to use?

Well this is the best explanation I have seen to date Feeling a Little Pressure

I have also created a pdf for Keyboard Shortcuts – PI Pro Keyboard Shorcuts

Update May 17th 2011 – I have found that the recent batch of blades need an increase of 0.5 of a point in depth increase (they seem to be shorter, I have raised it with KLO who is going to talk with Pazzles about it) and a few points of Pressure increase about 2 in every 10 (eg 10 becomes 12, 18 becomes 22). Some of this could be to do with the change in the weather – rise in humidity level.

Update Update November 2011 – It appears that Pazzles have responded and checked out the blade length – the new blades seem to be back to normal.