Pazzles History

While rummaging through old felt patterns back in 1998, Christine Vander Woude discovered some cute relics. “Why can’t I use these as paper piecing patterns?” She thought. And so was born a family company you know as Pazzles (paper + puzzles). 

The first few years of Pazzles were spent teaching people the art and short cuts of paper piecing. Complimenting the patterns was the development of the Chalkin’ Easy kit developed by Christine’s husband, Simon. But the scrapbook industry was changing, and Pazzles needed to adapt. In 2002, a decision was made that would change the future of the company forever.

In order to continue marketing paper piecing patterns, owners Simon and Chris decided they needed to begin offering pre-cut pieces. A laser system seemed the logical answer, but the cost was beyond their financial means. Instead of giving up, the couple set out to find an economic solution. After a few phone calls with a vinyl sign maker, Pazzles envisioned the utilization of plotter technology to cut paper. Within a few months, Pazzles was producing pre-cut paper piecing kits without a laser, yet intricately and accurately cut. Demonstrating these patterns at scrapbook shows across the country generated a lot of questions like, “How did you do that?” Once the potential of the system was realized, it became clear that Pazzles was better suited to provide others with this technology and place the production of paper cutting in the hands of store owners and other scrapbook manufacturers.

Pazzles continues to revolutionize the way the craft world cuts paper by introducing TWO new models of the Creative Cutter! (Mini & Mighty) 01/12/2005. The new more affordable models make it possible for anyone to own a Creative Cutter. Next you will see our work with Provo Craft to create their non-computerized personal cutting system 15/07/2005.

As a perfect compliment to the two new Creative Cutter models, Pazzles has completely changed the way we provide our customers with cutting images. Now customers can purchase affordable high quality images online, and begin using them right away! has forums, a project gallery, online support, and whole community of excited Creative Cutter owners.

Pazzles Inspiration Launch – 18/09/2007

Pazzles, the originator of computerized cutting systems in the scrapbook market, is pleased to announce the release of a new cutting system that is set to revolutionize the electronic cutting industry. At the upcoming Memory Trends Tradeshow in Las Vegas, on September 18, 2007, Pazzles will unveil its most innovative product yet: the Pazzles Inspiration.
Pazzles introduced the craft market to electronic cutting in November of 2002. Since that time, Pazzles has led the industry with creative cutting machines, marketed either directly under the Pazzles name or by co-marketing with other manufacturers under their names. With the release of the Inspiration, Pazzles is launching a new era in the electronic crafting industry.
The Pazzles Inspiration is expected to set the standard of electronic cutters for years to come. The new 12-inch machine hooks up to any PC and allows for complete freedom of creation through innovative software, redesigned electronics and state of the art mechanics. For the first time since electronic cutters were introduced to the crafting market, crafters will have access to a machine that gives them complete freedom to create on a system that was designed exclusively for the crafter.
According to Ray Shelgosh, vice president of Notions Marketing, “The system is completely unique and in many ways superior to anything I’ve seen before.” Not only is the new Inspiration completely designed from the ground up with the crafter in mind, the new 12 inch format allows for exceptional creativity in a machine priced at nearly one- half the cost of most existing computerized cutters of its size.
Pazzles line of creative tools will also be available with the Inspiration. With tools that distress, emboss, draw, engrave, etc. the Inspiration is the complete tool for today’s demanding crafter. With packets available for vinyl application and Iron-on transfers, there is no limit to the creative products that can be professionally produced by the new Pazzles Inspiration owners.
The Pazzles Inspiration will be available for delivery in the first quarter of 2008 and will be distributed through Pazzles and other major distributors in the craft industry. Look for this exciting new product on line at