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UK Pazzles Workshops Winter 2014 – 2015

26th October 2014 | Closed

It is a while since I ran a Pazzles Workshop and I am trying to find out if there is any interest. Workshops will be run local to me to keep the cost of the workshop down – as travelling, hotel fees, eating away from home, hiring a venue, all add to the cost I […]

Pazzles Workshops

10th December 2013 | Closed

Pazzles Retreat UK – unfortunately I did not get a great deal of response to the survey and therefore there does not seem to be enough interest to make it viable. I will be running some workshops again in North Yorkshire, if you are interested please use this Contact Me to let me know what […]

Pazzles UK Retreat March 2014

27th November 2013 | Closed

A number of people have asked if I would consider running a workshop in another part of the UK. So to this end I have put together an idea of running a Pazzles Retreat Weekend. I need your feedback via a short survey to find out how much interest there actually is in the UK. […]

November Workshop

12th September 2013 | Closed

You can now book for the November Workshop – Click Here If you are planning on attending and would like me to include something specific, be it a specific software technique, use a particular tool or have a project you would like to know how to convert or create in Pazzles then please let me […]

Pazzles Supplies in the UK

29th July 2013 | Closed

Pazzles are still trying to find a new UK Distributor who can supply and service Pazzles. Hopefully when they do find a distributor I can get a job demonstrating and teaching for them (whoever they maybe). In the meantime if you are looking for supplies you can get a limited range from And a full […]